8 Yard Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do For Spring

8-yard-maintenance-tasks-you-need-to-do-for-springA yard maintenance routine will ensure you put in a little effort and time to get your property in shape during spring. This includes mowing your lawn, feeding it with lawn fertilizer, handling bare patches, and ugly weeds. Spring is the best time to deal with the mess that winter brings and you can fix up any damage done before any heavy growth occurs. Here are the maintenance tasks you will want to conduct in your yard for spring.

1. Take stock of the damage

Inspection of the yard has to be done to check for broken or damaged tree limbs which should be removed especially those hanging over structures such as cedar fence panels or the decking. Check pathways, stairs, decking or the fencing for signs of damage. Cut down perennial foliage from the previous year.

2. Plan new fences or garden beds

Now is the time to set up a new fence or lay out new beds. Popular options include chain link fencing, cedar fence panels and vinyl packets especially if you want to keep small animals out or mark garden boundaries. When deciding on a fencing material you have to decide on the main purpose for the fence installation and think about whether you will be willing to maintain wood fence panels regularly. If not, chain link fencing is your best bet as it is low maintenance.

3. Inspect the fencing

Inspect the fence for areas that require repairs such as knotholes, popped nails, and rotting or broken boards. For wood fence panels, identify whether you need to restrain the fencing.

4. Spreading compost on garden beds

This is the best time to harvest if you compost in a tumbler or in a backyard bin. Scoop it up and fork it into planting beds and ensure the soil is moist.

5. Pruning overgrown shrubs and trees

Remove diseased or dead plants and cut ornamental grasses back to just a few inches off the ground. Prune any early-blooming shrubs and trim and thin summer blooming shrubs just after they flower.

6. Weeding

Pull up weeds around the perimeter of the garden bed and near the landscaping around your decking or fence. This is the best time as they are easier to pull up and their roots are shallow. The earlier you deal with them, the more work you’ll save yourself.

7. Planting

Plant cool-season vegetables, bulbs shrubs and trees and re-seed bare patches in the lawn.

8. Composting

Now is the best time to start a compost bin or pile so you have fresh compost to harvest next spring. You can start with a small compost tumbler if you are limited for space.

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