The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Chain Link Instead of Wood for Your Next Fence

top-5-reasons-choose-chain-link-instead-wood-next-fencePlenty of options are available when it comes to installing a fence for your property. However, some choices are more popular than others. Chain link fence and wood fences are the two most common options that many people prefer. Installing a chain link fence often provides more benefits than a wood fence.

Following are top 5 reasons to choose chain link instead of wood for your next fence:

1. Cost Effectiveness

Cost is the most important aspect for most individuals when choosing a fence for their property. When pricing is the main concern, a chain link fence costs a lot less than a wood fence. So if you want to simply keep your costs down, chain link fence is a recommended choice. One of the biggest advantages of chain link fence is that it has reliable and cost effective designs available in the market. Furthermore, chain link fences have such designs that allow you to have gates as well, in this way it saves you some additional costs.

2. Quick Installation

Chain link fences are easy and quick to install, that’s why many residential and commercial properties choose this fence type as opposed to a wood fence which takes relatively more time to install. With a chain link fence, you won’t have to worry about installation time no matter how big of an area you have or whatever height of the fence you need.

3. Low Maintenance

A chain link fence will be attractive to property owners who don’t want to continually invest money and time into the maintenance of the fence. These fences are virtually maintenance-free. Which means, once you install it, it will not be susceptible to the elements like wood will be. Heat, wind, rain, etc. have little effect on chain links, but they can easily ruin a wood fence. Furthermore, you will have to do a lot of maintenance when constructing a wood fence in order to maintain its good looks. For such reasons, chain link fences are highly recommended for anyone who does not want to spend extra time and money on their fence.

4. No Light Obstruction

Chain link fences are not only secure; their material and design have no light obstruction, so they provide full visibility. So you may be able to put less amount of lights around your property with a chain link fence as compared to a wood fence.

5. Pet Containment

While wood fences provide virtually the same security for pets, they don’t offer visibility which means your pets will probably be troubled by neighborhood kids or chased by passing neighbors every once in a while. A chain link fence will help you evade this issue. Not only will you have the security, you will also have greater visibility so you and your pets will know what’s happening outside.


The above mentioned reasons make a chain link fence a viable option for your residential or commercial property as compared to other costlier counterparts like wood fences.

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