3 Creative Uses for Chain Link FencingCheap, strong, and durable, it’s little surprise that chain link remains one of the most popular types of fencing in the world. Perfect for countless applications from security fences to barriers at sports games, chain link fencing is highly versatile and can be put to many good uses – some of which don’t involve any fencing!

Despite is suitability as a fencing material, there are some surprisingly creative ways to use chain link fencing indoors and outdoors. While some of these will require you to flex your creative muscle, the end product is certainly worth the effort!

Let’s take a closer look at 3 creative uses for chain link fencing:

1. Garden Trellis

All those gaps in chain link fencing make it a fantastic option for a makeshift trellis in the yard. If you already have a chain link fence and want to jazz it up with something creative, consider adding some crawling plants, shrubs, and even vegetables at the base of the fence.

Once they start growing the plants will naturally craw up through the gaps, becoming one with the fencing itself! There are some plants that you can attach to the fence as they grow, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and runner beans, turning the fence into one massive support structure.

2. Decoration

You’d be surprised how just how creative you can get when decorating a chain link fence – the potential is limitless! From hanging decorations like small glass stones that add shine and sparkle to old CDs decorated with custom artwork, there are all kinds of way to add a cool aesthetic to your fencing.

Basically, anything that you can attach or weave through the gaps across the fencing can be used for decorating, so there are countless ways that you can create your own unique décor using the fencing.

3. Storage Cage

Looking for strong and durable outdoor storage solution that doesn’t cost much? Then look no further than a chain link storage cage. Simply create walls using the chain link materials, adding some sort of entrance and a roof on the top of the structure if needed, and you have yourself one fantastic storage cage.

It’s a great place to store all kinds of stuff, from propane tanks to the kids’ bikes, and it can even be made inside of garage for added security. Just be mindful to add locks if storing valuable items outdoors!

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