Spring-is-The-Best-Time-to-Install-Your-Chain-Link-FenceWhen it comes to installing a new fence, there are many factors to consider, such as the materials, design, budget, and size, yet one of the more overlooked factors is finding the right time for installation.

Finding the right time to install a chain link fence makes all the difference, making the entire process easier and quicker to complete. While you could install it at any point of the year, Spring is possibly the best time to install your chain link fence.

Here’s why:

Ideal Weather Conditions
Installing a fence is hard work. You need to do a lot of digging and move lots of heavy materials around all while being exposed to outdoor elements, so finding suitable conditions to install the fence in makes the entire process less hassle.

Spring offers arguably the best weather conditions for installing a fence. If you wait till mid to late Spring the weather will have warmed considerably from the winter, while you probably won’t need to worry about snow, ice, or sleet.

Summer may seem better but sometimes the conditions are too extreme. For instance, soil becomes very dry during summer drought (the same issue occurs in winter when the ground is frozen), making digging far more challenging, while the lots sunlight and high temperatures make working outdoors very draining.

Contractor Availability
Despite being a great time for chain link fence installation, many contractors find themselves with less work during this season. This is because the bulk of work is done before winter or at the start of summer, leading to a downtime in Spring that you can take advantage of.

You will likely find it’s much easier to get a fence installation contract at your preferred time during the Spring, with higher availability meaning you can pretty much get it installed whenever you need it!

Compared to summer or autumn, you could find yourself waiting several weeks, if not months, waiting for a contractor to have the time to start the work! Wait till Spring and you will get your fence installed faster than ever.

Increased Neighborhood Activity
When Spring is in the air your neighborhood comes to life. People are mowing their lawns, kids are playing outside again, and there is generally a lot of activity in most neighborhoods come Spring time.

While this is great to see, we all enjoy our privacy and a good fence is a key part of this for any home. If you want to maintain your privacy then make sure that the fence is installed early Spring, otherwise you may find your property is exposed to others.

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