Things-to-Avoid-When-Installing-a-Chain-Link-FenceA chain link fence offers privacy and security and even makes your property more aesthetically appealing. A lot of homeowners choose to install chain link fence on their own as it seems like the most cost-effective method to secure their property. However, there is a lot more to installing a chain link fence than meets the eye. There are many things that could go wrong during the installation process particularly if you are installing the fence for the first time. So, you will need to avoid certain mistakes to ensure successful installation. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you consult professionals beforehand and make sure that your installation meets the local zoning bylaws and codes.

Following are 3 things to avoid when installing a chain link fence:

1. Miscalculated Fence Angles

It’s rare to have a yard that does not have some kind of slope to it. Slopes on a yard are sometimes slight enough to where you cannot easily see a decline or incline. However, if you do not account for the grade on your property when installing a chain link fence, you will surely encounter certain problems later. So, avoid miscalculating the angles and make sure that you adjust your panels to compensate for any incline so that your chain link fence is stable, uniform, and neat.

2. Not Setting the Gates Correctly

Most homeowners install a gate in a chain link fence to create access so they can get in and out of the property while outdoors. If you plan to do the same, then make sure to properly measure the area for the gate. Not setting the gate correctly would be a mistake. It is also recommended that you install strong hinge posts from which the gate will hang. Apart from this, thoroughly inspect the ground beneath the gate to make sure that it is high enough off the ground to allow proper movement.

3. Improper Post Setting Techniques

When it comes to creating a chain link fence secure and stable, fence posts play a major role. You want to make sure that your posts are able to withstand the pressure from the elements, such as wind and snow, and they connect your fence rails or panels securely to hold up the materials. Posts not anchored by the proper material or not set deep enough in the ground may collapse. So, make sure that they are at least two feet in the ground and anchored by a layer of concrete and gravel that is flush with the ground.

Final Word

Chain link fencing offers many benefits. It helps keep pets under control, offers privacy, security, and more. However, installing it without professional help can be challenging as there is room for some mistakes. By avoiding those mistakes, you can ensure a successful chain link fence installation. If you face any problems during the installation process, then it is recommended that you get help from a professional chain link fence installation and repair company.

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