4 Good Uses for a Barbed Wire Addition to Your Chain Link FenceInvesting in a chain link fence for your home or business is a great decision as it can help secure your property and prevent crime. Once you have installed a chain link fence, there are several features that you can add to further enhance its effectiveness. Barbed wire is one of the key additions to chain link fence as it has several good uses.

Here are 4 good uses for a barbed wire addition to your chain link fence:

1. Added Security and Crime Prevention

Added security is the primary appeal of installing barbed wire addition to your chain link fence. Any person trying to pass through, or over barbed wire will experience injury and intense discomfort. The sharp edges and regular points ensure that there will always be contact. Movement against barbed wire can result to injuries to the skin and even damage to the underlying tissue.

2. Protection of Pets, Plants, and Landscape

You can install a barbed wire addition to your chain link fence to protect your valuables as well as other prized possessions from animals that may live around your property. This is particularly true if you have small pets that need protecting. Apart from this, if you maintain a garden, then installing a barbed wire addition to your existing chain link fence will help protect your plants and landscape from the wildlife that lives around your home.

3. Demarcation

If you want to distinctly and plainly separate a section of your property from a public space or property that someone else owns, then installing a barbed wire addition to your chain link fence is highly recommended. This will make it much more difficult for someone to try to move or remove your fence or dispute this demarcation. If necessary, they will need to go through official channels to inquire about where you have placed the fence and barbed wire.

4. Livestock Containment

If you want to contain livestock, then adding barbed wire to your chain link fence is a good idea. However, using it for horses is not recommended as they have a higher capacity to attempt to break through fences, which leads to serious injury. But you can use it to contain cows and other livestock since they are less likely to sustain serious injury in case they come in contact with the barbed wire of the fence. Because of this reason, barbed wire addition to chain link fences is quite popular on farms.

Final Word

There are several good uses for a barbed wire addition to your chain link fence. The installation of barbed wire addition to an existing fence is not a project done well by amateurs. That’s why it is recommended that you hire an experienced fencing company for this project. Professionally installed barbed wire addition to chain link fence will not break or crack for a long time, hence the cost of maintenance and repair will be minimal.

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