4 Reasons to Use Chain Link Fence in Your GardenWhen it comes to fencing options for your garden there are not many options that offer so many benefits as chain link. A popular fencing material for both commercial and residential properties, chain link fencing offers many advantages and very few disadvantages, highlighting exactly why it remains one of the most popular fencing solutions in use today.

So, if you are considering investing in a new fence for your garden be sure to check out these 4 reasons why chain link is the best option available:

Low Cost
It is always recommended that you install some type of fencing in your garden for security and privacy reasons, yet the cost of installing a fence across a large perimeter does add up. However, chain link fencing remains one of the cheapest options available for a garden.

Materials and manpower costs are lower than virtually any other option, making the cost-effectiveness of chain link especially useful for anyone on a tight budget. This is also beneficial if you have a larger garden, helping to keep costs down while still having a great fence, and those with smaller gardens will spend even less.

Easy Maintenance
If there is one thing that chain link has over all other fencing materials that make it perfect for a garden is that it’s low maintenance. For example, wooden fences are especially hard to maintain, requiring frequent washing, varnishing, and painting, while you might need to sand it down, replace slats, and do other arduous work to keep it looking great.

Conversely, chain link fencing couldn’t be easier to maintain. As it is treated with a galvanised coating, the metal surface of the fence does not corrode or rust over time. In fact, the most maintenance you can expect with chain link is the occasional wash to remove any dust, dirt, debris, cobwebs etc.

Incredible Durability
Chain link fencing is exceptionally durable. It remains one the strongest materials for a fence, meaning you don’t need to worry about it easily broken, whether it’s hit with a stray ball from the kids playing or after a massive overnight storm that managed to uproot trees.

It won’t crack or split like wood, it’s impervious to rusting, weather doesn’t damage it over time, and should there be a break in the link it can be repaired in an instant. This means you get fantastic value for your money when buying a new chain link fence for the garden, as it probably won’t need to be replaced for many years.

Turn it Into a Living Fence
A living fence is the process of adding various plants and flowers around a chain link fence to provide it with a natural coverage.
Fast growing plants like ivy or honeysuckle can be easily planted around the fence, which then starts to cover the surface area in natural foliage and flowers, making for a beautiful addition to your garden aesthetic.

There is a huge variety of annual and perennial plans that are perfect for a living fence, so you can create a variety of finishes for the living fence, while you can also attach hanging baskets and other containers to the fence for an all-natural appearance.

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