Signs-That-A-Chain-Link-Fence-Installer-Should-Not-Be-TrustedChain link fences are a great addition to any property. Affordable and durable, the fencing offers a secure perimeter around the property, while its versatility means it can be used in countless places from homes to schools to sports fields.

Of course, a chain link fence is only as good as its installer. A trustworthy installer will do the work on time and to a high standard, leaving you with a quality fence that lasts many years. Work with an untrustworthy installer and you may find yourself with a terrible fence that constantly needs repair or even complete replacement!

So, how exactly can you tell the good from the bad? Here are 4 signs that a chain link fence installer should not be trusted:

Forceful Sales Tactics
Pressuring customers into a sale is a popular tactic for untrustworthy contractors. They often do this by saying their quote is only available for a limited time and if you don’t sign now you will lose out, essentially coercing you into working with them. Never accept this type of behavior. A good fence installation contractor knows that you want to shop around for a good price and take the time to weigh your options, so don’t feel pressured into signing anything as you’ll probably regret it later.

A Contract with Little Information
A vague contract is another big red flag for a fence installer. When any sort of renovations occur you should be given a detailed contract that lists the various costs of work, a time frame for completion, and a guarantee of work.

If the contract is missing any of this you probably want to stay clear. They might be using poor quality materials, cheap labour, or various other tactics to undercut the cost of the job while still charging you full price.

Requesting Full Payment
Not many fencing installers need the entire payment upfront. At most, a deposit or the cost of materials should be billed, with the remainder being paid upon completion. If they aren’t willing to accept anything other than full payment, avoid them at all costs.

There could be various reasons they are doing this, such as using your money to fund other installation projects, and none of that justifies charging you before the work is finished. If you pay before the work is done, you’re leaving yourself unprotected should something go wrong, as they already have your money!

They Are a New Contractor
Now, not all new contractors are untrustworthy – everyone needs to start somewhere after all!

However, you should be mindful of a contractor operating with a new business, especially if they claim to have a lot of experience, as this is a sign that their previous businesses have shut down. This often happens with contractors facing lawsuits and other problems, with many shutting down their old company and starting a new one in attempts to hide their dodgy dealings in the past.

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