4 Types of Properties That are Ideal for Chain Link FencesChain link fences are known for being affordable, durable, and simple to maintain, making it a popular fencing option in countless types of properties. From domestic to commercial properties, chain link fences offer many advantages and few disadvantages, with perhaps the biggest drawback of this fencing being it is quite unsightly.

Even then, the versatility of chain link fences makes their somewhat unattractive appearance not much of a problem. Plus, it’s easy to customize chain link fences to make them more aesthetically pleasing, leading many property types to use this robust fencing solution. Here are 4 types of properties that are ideal for chain link fences:

While there are many fencing options for a domestic property, few offer a combination of strength, durability, and affordability like chain link fences. This makes them a very popular fencing option for all types of properties, whether fencing off a small front yard or the entire perimeter of a large home.

As a very affordable type of fencing, chain link is a budget-friendly solution that provides solid security and very little maintenance, especially compared to other materials such as wood.

Sports Fields
Whether watching local high school teams or national sports teams duke it out for supremacy, chain link fencing remains a popular option for sports fields throughout the country. The reason this fencing option is so popular is thanks to the great visibility that chain link fencing offers.

The design of the chain link results in multiple large holes across the entire fence, making it an ideal choice for creating a perimeter around spectator areas in the stands. Doing so ensures that everyone gets to watch the game with an unobstructed view while still being protected against stray balls.

School Grounds
Schools require solid security fencing and chain link offers exactly that, resulting in it becoming one of the most widely used fencing types on school properties. Again, affordability and durability are two key factors for this, as is the fact that chain link fencing is easy to install at varying lengths and heights.

This means that installing high security fencing around school properties is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Also, the low maintenance of chain link fences makes them a suitable option for school properties that have large lengths of fencing that would otherwise require frequent (and time consuming) maintenance.

Factories and Warehouses
When security is the top priority of a fencing solution it’s little surprise that chain link is the go-to option, much like it is at countless factories and warehouse properties. Strong and imposing, a large chain link fence can be almost impossible to climb while their overall strength makes damaging them quite difficult.

This is the perfect security solution for large industrial complexes that have a lot of valuable equipment and products on site that need adequate protection from theft and vandalism. It also clearly indicates that the property has solid security in place, helping to deter would-be trespassers.

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