4 Unusual Ways to Use Chain Link FencingChain link fencing is widely known for being a cheap and durable fencing solution for homes and businesses. Easy to install and very affordable, chain link is associated mostly with fencing applications, yet there are several other uses for this popular fencing material.

While you may not require many of these in your home or business, it’s cool to look at some of the more unique ways to use chain link fencing, as it highlights just how versatile it is!

Here are 4 unusual ways to use chain link fencing:


This is quite a popular choice for homeowners that want to cover their fencing with a bit of nature. The mesh material is fantastic for supporting a range of climbing plants and vegetables, so you can easily use it to grow all kinds of stuff in the yard.

Better still, chain link is a great material for a trellis, being much more durable and stable than wooden trellises. You can incorporate climbing plants into chain link fences already installed or recycle an old piece of fencing as a dedicated trellis.

Displaying Art

The mesh material on a chain link fence is handy for many things, including displaying artworks! You can easily attach various materials to create a unique art installment in your garden, making it a great option for making a homemade mural or even just hanging some of the kids’ art.

For instance, chain link fencing installed around a kindergarten can be used to hang the various artworks the children make, assuming they can withstand the elements!

Bike Racks

Many city dwellers will know just how effective chain link fences are as bike racks, with countless cyclists attaching their bike to the various fences found in your average city. The mesh is surprisingly strong, making it very difficult to steal the bike, while you can also use the thicker post sections for even more secure bike rack.

It doesn’t need a random fence in public either – you can secure your bike to a chain link fence when visiting a friend or relative.

Helicopter Safety Pad

This is one of the more unusual uses of chain link fencing, especially because not many people get the opportunity to see it in action!

Panels of chain link fence are often installed horizontally across the edges of a helipad, helping to extend the pad’s surface area to avoid anyone accidentally falling off.

These are widely used on helipads located on boats, schools, hospitals, and commercial and military buildings.

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