4 Ways To Give Your Chain Link Fence More Curb Appeal

4-ways-to-give-your-chain-link-fence-more-curb-appealChain link fences are a versatile and affordable fencing option for residential properties, but they can certainly lack in curb appeal. Most people will just accept their chain link fence as it is, not realizing how easy it is to enhance its attractiveness.

There are many different options available for anyone looking to give their chain link fence more curb appeal!

1. Paint

A quick and easy fix, a new coat of paint on a chain link fence can make the world of difference. However, be sure that your fence doesn’t have a vinyl coating on it otherwise you may have to hire a professional service with the necessary materials for the job.

But for the most part, a chain link fence can be given a new coat of paint for very little cost. Darker colors work the best to blend the fence into your yard or surrounding area, so be sure to try out black, brown, or dark greens to make your fence appear less obvious.

Make sure you clean your fence of rust and apply an appropriate primer before you paint!

2. Roll-Out Fencing

For those looking to completely cover their chain link fence, roll-out fencing is a fantastic option. Typically sold in wood materials such as bamboo, willow, pine, or reeds, rolled fencing adds a natural attractiveness to the chain link fence while also completely hiding it.

Rolled-out fencing is easy to source and install, as they are sold in single rolls that can be attached to the chain link fence with ease. Not only do they look great, enhancing the curb appeal on both sides, but also offer exceptional privacy that is usually lacking from a chain link fence.

3. Plants

There is no reason you cannot use a bit of nature to help enhance the curb appeal of your chain link fence! Both annual and perennial vines are a great choice to add a bit of color and life to your fence, and they are relatively low-maintenance!

As annual vines such as the Black-Eyed Susan Vine Plant and Cypress Vine look great but will only last for one season before dying off, be mindful that this is short-term solution!

Perennials however, offer year-round coverage making them a great choice. They will take longer to develop and establish themselves, but once they do you will enjoy a wonderfully attractive living fence above the chain link.

Some great perennial vines include:

  • Boston Ivy
  • English Ivy
  • Ocotillo
  • Passionflowers
  • Virginia Creeper

4. Trellises

Now, a trellis is a popular fixture in virtually any outdoor living area, so why not enhance your chain link fence by attaching a few? They are very affordable and can be easily attached, and if combined with some nice foliage you can completely transform the appearance of your chain link fence

Any person looking at the fence will be immediately drawn to the plants and wood!

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