4 Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Chain Link FenceChain link fences are renowned for their low-maintenance, resilient nature and durability. However, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Even the sturdiest fencing requires proper care in order to avoid damage and maximize its effectiveness and lifespan, so it is important to ensure that your chain link fence gets proper maintenance.

Here are 4 ways to avoid damage to your chain link fence:

1. Inspect Regularly

Take some time to go over and inspect your chain link fence regularly. This is a very important part of preventive maintenance. You don’t need to inspect your fence too often – once every month or two or after a major weather event is good enough. When you check over the fence, there are two key objectives. The first is to make sure that none of the links of the fence are missing or broken. The second is to inspect the support posts. Support posts are a key part of maintaining a chain link fence and avoiding major damage.

Apart from general wear and tear and rust, you should thoroughly inspect the posts to make sure that they are still secure within the ground. Support posts form a right “L” shape angle with the ground when upright.

2. Treat Rust Properly

While the appearance of rust on a chain link fence may seem like a big problem, it can be fixed quite easily. If the rust spot is small, then simply use any brand-name product to resolve the situation. On the other hand, if there are larger patches, then you will need to find a more reliable solution. Apply a fresh coat of aluminum paint and metal primer with a rust-inhibiting agent to cover up the spot and mend the damage. Rust is an enemy of your chain link fence so don’t ignore it as it can lead to costly damages.

3. Clean Properly

Over time, debris and dirt will inevitably collect along your chain link fence and will need to be cleaned. Proper cleaning of the fence can ensure longer lifespan. In most cases, a garden hose or power wash will be enough to blast away any built-up debris and dirt and can serve most maintenance needs. You also want to take care of the mold you find. To kill off the mold, just use a white vinegar solution.

4. Mind the Gate

Don’t forget the chain link fence gate as it needs maintaining just as much as the rest of the fence. During your regular inspections, make sure that the alignment of the gate is okay as this can shift over time with use, particularly if it is often open and shut forcefully. If the gate is out of alignment, it can damage the hinge pins and other related parts of the fence. To fix gate’s alignment, use a socket wrench to lose the hinge pins and then reposition and retighten them.

These are some of the ways to avoid damage and make sure that your chain link fence has a longer lifespan. If there are any damages that you cannot fix yourself, you can always rely on a fencing service to get the job done in an efficient manner.

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