5 Different Places You See Using Chain Link Fencing Every Single Day

5-different-places-you-see-using-chain-link-fencing-every-single-dayChain link fencing is widely used on both commercial and residential properties thanks to its affordability and easy installation. Not only that, but a chain link fence offers an effective form of security so it’s little surprise to see how popular this type of fencing is.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 different places you see using chain link fencing every single day:

1. Sport Grounds

There are few sports fields around the country that don’t have a least one section of chain link fencing. Whether a local sports ground or something much bigger, chain link fences are great for creating boundaries throughout the sports field.

This could be as a safety barrier between the field and the crowd, or to prevent non-ticket holders from easily accessing the grounds. In any case, chain link fencing is great for creating different layouts throughout the grounds.

2. Factories, Warehouses and Other Industrial Properties

As most industrial areas are typically large spaces where access needs to be restricted, there is usually a large presence of chain link fencing throughout industrial properties. Whether it’s manufacturing, construction, or wholesale trade, large industrial properties almost always use some form of chain link fencing.

Controlling access to different areas is very important in most industrial locations, namely for keeping employees safe while preventing any trespassing, and chain link fences offer an affordable yet effective solution to both.

3. High Security Locations

Chain link fencing offers a fantastic form of security that is cheap and easy to install, so it’s become a mainstay in virtually any high security facility. This usually results in very high chain link fences to prevent unwanted trespassers, while also acting as a clear indicator that there should be no unauthorized access in the first place.

4. Yards

Still a great form of fencing for front and backyards, chain link fencing is present in many homes throughout the country. Great for keeping kids or pets inside the yard while also offering defense against intruders, chain link fences remain a mainstay in many yards.

5. Parks

Many parks feature chain link fences, typically for highlighting the boundaries while sometimes being used to restrict access. As they are very cheap and low-maintenance, chain link fences are a logical choice for parks and other public areas.  Additionally, chain link fences are notably versatile, with the ability to install them at various heights, lengths, and thicknesses, making them a fine choice for parks of any shape and size.

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