5 Reasons Why Chain Link Fences Are So Popular at Parks and Sporting Fields

5-reasons-chain-link-fences-popular-parks-sporting-fieldsA chain link fence is basically a galvanized steel wire that is woven into a mesh. This configuration is commonly known as the ‘fabric’ of the chain link fence. Chain link fences are commonly seen in tennis courts, parking lots, parks, pool areas, playgrounds, warehouses, farms, as well as many other commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Following are 5 reasons why chain link fences are so popular at parks and sporting fields:

1. Common Benefits

Chain link fencing is highly functional, low maintenance, and low cost. It is a multipurpose option that can be easily installed in both residential as well as commercial areas. The ease of installation and low cost makes chain link an instant fencing solution in virtually any setting. This type of fence is also very useful for animal pens and dog kennels. They are also set up to temporarily secure construction sites.

2. Better Thickness and Diameter

The gauge of thickness of the wire determines how strong a fence is. While other fences usually have thinner gauges, a chain link fence offers better diameter and thickness and it can even go higher as required. This flexibility in thickness and diameter makes chain link fences ideal for sporting fields and parks.

3. Better Height and Length

While most fences have a height range of 4 to 6 feet, chain link fences can be set up to any height you prefer. Many commercial facilities use a 20” rod as well as even a 50” rod or longer. Furthermore, you can implant the line posts to which the fabric of chain link fence is attached at any intervals, considering the length and height of the fence.

4. Coating and Accessories

Apart from the posts and fabric, chain link fencing requires some optional fittings and gates to be able to serve its purpose, which definitely adds security and privacy to a complex or property. This is one of the major reasons chain link fences are commonly seen installed around parks and playgrounds. You can apply colored and protective coating like PVC to further increase its resistance to environmental elements. Polyester and Zinc coatings are also commonly used.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Chain link fences are relatively cost effective as compared to other types of fencing. It is not only ideal for homeowners who are on a budget, but even small business and communities benefit from it as well. So, when you need a fence installed for a large space, for example a park or a sporting field, a chain link fence is just what you need. Thicker chain link fences are relatively more expensive but they are certainly worth it because they offer increased security and resistance due to their sturdier and tougher design. Most property owners also use vinyl-coated chain link fences, which has its own added benefits. However, keep in mind that those type of fences may cost 2-3 times as much as compared to standard chain link fencing.

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