5 Reasons to Put a Fence Around Your Property

reasons-to-put-a-fence-around-your-property“Fences make good neighbors” is an old saying which is true to its extent. The presence of a fence between two properties ensures that there’s no question which neighbor has a tree over the property line, which neighbor has to clean what, or which neighbors’ dog tore up the yard. There are numerous reasons to put a fence around your property. Apart from the obvious security reason, following are the top 5:

1. Marking Your Territory

Marking where your property line starts and ends is the best reason for putting a fence around your property. You may have great relationships with your neighbors right now and due to this reason you may feel that it is not necessary to establish a fence on the property line. However, with the passage of time, let’s say, ten years from now, you and your neighbors may not get along very well and the exact location of the property line may have been forgotten by then.

2. Keeping Animals at Bay

Putting a fence around your property significantly reduces the number of stray animals you have in your yard. Pets belonging to your neighbors as well as stray animals can come onto your property. Their presence is not the problem, it’s the waste pets leave in your yard for you to step in, or the fact that they strew the trash all over your property by tearing into your garbage containers.

3. Preventing Thefts

A fence is a great security tool for reducing your chances of being the victim of a theft. Thieves are lazy, that’s why they choose the house that is easiest to break into. Also they want to be able to get away as quickly as possible. And they have to take relatively more time getting away from your home if you have a fence around it. For this reason, you are less likely to be targeted.

4. Protecting Your Children

Establishing a fence around your property also helps protect your children. Children often want to go outside and play. You may try to keep an eye on them, but there comes time when you are not around, in that case a fence will stop your child from getting out of the yard and prevent them from the possibility of being the victim of a stray dog, or being hit by a car, or accidentally wandering off, or from being kidnapped, etc.

5. Increasing Your Property’s Value

Not only does a fence provide security for your property, it also increases its value. By establishing the property line, your property looks aesthetically pleasing, the likelihood of theft is reduced and its overall value increases. Furthermore, when you are about to borrow money and use your property as security, your property’s value will dictate how much money you can borrow against it. Increasing the value of your property will obviously prove beneficial when it is time to sell it in the future as a house with a fence established around it has the possibility of being sold at a higher price as compared to a house that has no fence around it.

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