5 Reasons Why Chain Link Fencing Is so Popular For Baseball FieldsWhether it’s a pro league or little league game, baseball fields around the country are typically bordered by chain link fencing. It’s common on many sports fields, with chain link offering many advantages for teams and spectators while coming with very few disadvantages.

In fact, there are few fencing options better suited for baseball fields, which is why it’s so widely used throughout the country! Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why chain link fencing is so popular for baseball fields.

Here are 4 reasons why chain link fencing is so popular for baseball fields:


Who doesn’t want an affordable option for fencing in a sports field? After all, a baseball field is large so needs a lot of fencing to cover the perimeter of the field, while the fence also needs to be quite high too.

This all means a lot of fencing material is required, and with chain link being one of the most affordable it makes sense why its such a popular choice for baseball and other sports fields.


Baseball fields see a lot of flying balls (and the occasional bat) so it makes sense to have a strong, durable fencing that can handle wear and tear. Chain link is exactly that, being one of the most durable fencing materials around.

The fence won’t crack, dent, or split like wood, while the chain link design offers a lot of give so you don’t to worry about any lasting damage from high speed balls or other forms of impact. Moreover, a durable fence means a longer lasting fence.

Protect Spectators

Nobody wants to go to a baseball game and get struck by a stray ball. Unfortunately, this is more than possible given the speed and distance balls reach, so by choosing chain link fences you can ensure the comfort and safely of spectators at the field.

Chain link fences can be built far and wide, allowing for plenty of coverage to protect spectators being struck by a stray ball. Any ball that flies towards the crowd is easily contained by chain link fencing, which is incredibly tough, so it won’t break to allow the ball to pass through.

High Visibility

A chain link fence has countless holes that offer high visibility – perfect for people to get a good view of the game! As mentioned in the previous point, chain link offers great protection for spectators but it can’t block their view entirely, otherwise there is no point watching the game!

So, with chain link you get the perfect balance of protecting the crowd while still giving them a clear view of the action – not many other fencing options allow this!

Easy Maintenance

Even the toughest fences are likely to break and wear over time, especially those that are found in a baseball field. Repairing chain link fencing is quick, easy, and affordable, making it a great choice for sports fields like baseball where it may face more wear and tear than normal.

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