5 Things to Consider When You Need to Install or Replace a Fence That You Share with Your Neighbors

5-things-to-consider-when-you-need-to-install-or-replace-a-fence-that-you-share-with-your-neighborsInstalling a fence between your home and your neighbor’s can spark anger and debate, but with cooperation it can also become a beautiful barrier between the two houses. If you are thinking about installing or replacing a fence in order to share with your neighbor, then there are some things you will need to consider to make sure that there are no conflicts between you and your neighbor.

Following are 5 things to consider when you need to install or replace a fence that you share with your neighbor:

1. Share Your Plans

It is highly recommended that you share your plans with your neighbor before doing anything else. Discuss the type of fence you both would like to install and choose the one that you both agree upon. If your neighbor seems more interested, then don’t hesitate to share the design details as well. Additional details such as fence height, installation boundary lines, etc. should also be discussed with the neighbor. The main goal here is to get your neighbor on board with the fence installation project. In this way, you will both have an agreement and there will be no conflicts.

2. Split the Costs

If you and your neighbor are on good terms and you have decided which type of fence you would like to install between your houses, the next step is to discuss the costs of installation. Generally, if both of you intend to share the fence, then the costs should be split equally. Another scenario with shared fences is that one neighbor builds the fence while other chips in a little. If that is the case and your neighbor does not want to split the costs equally, then he/she will have a little to say about the design/type of the fence and you will have to make most other decisions by yourself regarding how you want the shared fence to be.

3. When Replacing an Existing Shared Fence, Consider the Type of New Fence Carefully

If you and your neighbor already have an existing fence installed and you want to replace it, then it is recommended that you consider the type of new fence carefully. This is because your neighbor won’t appreciate if you replace the existing fence with an ornamental iron view fence or a chain link fence. It is also recommended that you consider your neighbor’s exterior décor and architectural style when making your selection. Discussing such details with your neighbor will help you make a good decision.

4. Share Repair and Maintenance Costs

According to most local ordinances and state laws, the responsibility for the maintenance/repair of shared fences is on both property owners who share the fence, unless there is an agreement that indicates otherwise. So, if there is any fence repair or maintenance required, both you and your neighbor must share the cost. It is recommended that you let your neighbor know about this before installing the fence.

5. Consult with an Expert for Proper Guidance

You might want to consult with several people, including a fence installation professional, your HOA president, your local government representative, and a realtor – for proper guidance regarding the shared fence installation.

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