5 Ways to Be Courteous When You Share a Fence with a Neighbor

5 Ways to Be Courteous When You Share a Fence with a NeighborYou may have heard the expression “Good fences make good neighbors.” While that may be true, there may come a time when you and the neighbor you are sharing a fence with experience a conflict. It is important to avoid disputes with your neighbor you are sharing a fence with. Being courteous is one of many ways to do this as it will create a good relationship with your neighbor and ensure that you remain on good terms.

Following are 5 ways to be courteous when you share a fence with a neighbor:

1. Observe Property Lines

It is recommended that you draw a clear line around the fence so that you and your neighbor are aware of the boundaries. If you are unsure, then it is recommended to review the blueprint of your house and also obtain a new survey from your land surveyor. Never try to take advantage of even an inch of your neighbor’s boundary. If you are rebuilding the fence, then make sure to install it a foot inside your property line so that the fence is built on the safe side.

2. Respect The Limits

Be fully aware of the fencing laws as well as your responsibilities when sharing a fence with your neighbor. Respect the boundary created by the fence and your neighbor should do the same. Usually the restrictive rules apply to the corners as well, so be sure to follow them too. If you want to perform any upgrades or repairs on your side of the fence, then it is recommended that you inform your neighbor first to avoid any issues or conflict.

3. Share Your Plans for the Fence

No one likes unpleasant surprises. That’s why it would be a good idea to share any plans you have for the fence with your neighbor. Talk to your neighbor and ask for suggestions as well so that your neighbor takes interest in it and know what you are about to do. Furthermore, it will also give you peace of mind that whatever you are about to do regarding your shared fence will not cause any conflict with your neighbor.

4. Take Care of the Maintenance

It is your responsibility to take care of your side of the fence. If you perform regular maintenance of the fence, it will encourage your neighbor to do the same. In this way, your shared fence will have a longer lifespan and you and your neighbor will also stay on good terms. The same applies for making any repairs to the fence.

5. Communicate

Communication is the key to strengthening your relationship with your neighbor. If they somehow damage the shared fence, the best thing to do would be to talk to them and work things out. If they disagree to perform maintenance/repairs on their side of the fence, then be courteous and do it yourself if it’s possible. And if there is a conflict between you two that you cannot resolve, then taking it to a small claims court would be better than arguing and making things worse.

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