6 Common Uses for Chain Link Fencing

uses-for-chain-link-fenceInstalling a chain link fence is a popular choice for both home and business owners. Not only it is easy to install, it also serves many purposes, particularly security. It is a functional, affordable, and versatile option. There are a number of applications for this kind of fencing in both residential and commercial areas.
Following are 6 common uses for chain link fencing:

1. Defining Boundaries

While a solid privacy fence does a good job of providing security, most people prefer to install chain link fence because it provides both security and boundary, and also allows homeowners to see through it. A chain link fence does not block the view at all, that’s the main reason most people like having it, because with the chain link fence the kids can stay in the backyard without parents worrying about them running away. It provides a great sense of security.

2. Containing Animals and People

Whether you have kids or pets, chain link fencing is a great option to contain them. You can install it around your entire yard so that the pets and children have free range on the property. You can also use chain link fence to make a smaller kennel as an animal containment.

3. Providing Security

Whether it is a residential property or commercial property, a chain link topped with barbed wire is a great way to ensure necessary security. Homeowners can install vinyl slats or privacy mesh along with it to further improve the security of their home. It allows them to enjoy the security within their yard without anyone watching them. Commercial and industrial properties can also use chain link fencing for this purpose. This type of fencing is a cost effective way to add security in any kind of property.

4. Sports Fields

The next time that you go to a baseball or football field, notice how much chain link there is. Sports fields and other similar facilities use chain link fencing for a variety of reasons. It helps separate non-paying customers from paying customers when you are selling tickets to games. It is also very useful to help layout the different areas so that the player areas are kept separate from the seating areas.

5. High Security Facilities

In high security areas, chain link fencing is usually the first line of defense. It works as a sign to let people know that a certain area of the facility is not available for unauthorized access. Even if someone takes their time to try and climb or cut through the fence, it gives security personnel a lot of time to apprehend them.

6. Industrial Buildings and Factories

Factories and industrial buildings can have a lot of areas that are too dangerous to wander around in. Therefore, just like sports facilities, these facilities use chain link fencing to control access. It helps keep workers from going into places of the industrial/factory area that they don’t belong as well as keep trespassers out completely.

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