6 Reasons Why It's a Good Idea to Use Chain Link Fencing for Ranches and FarmsFences have played a pivotal role in the history of agriculture, allowing farmers to easily establish boundaries for livestock on their land. Without fencing, animals would be free to roam the land and be more susceptible to theft and harm from predators, which is why it remains a core component of any ranch or farm.

But with so many fencing materials available, which one is the best for farms and ranches? For many, the answer is chain link, which offers many benefits for agricultural fencing.

Check out 6 reasons why it’s a good idea to use chain link fencing for farms and ranches:

Easy Installation

Chain link fencing is very easy to install. You just dig holes for the posts and attach the chain link material from there, with the process being very straight-forward. This is especially useful for farms and ranches, which require lots of fencing throughout the property, so the easier it is to install the better for the farmer.


Farmers can install chain link fencing in various ways, from long fencing boundaries for cattle to more compact cages for chickens or pigs. Essentially, it can be used in various layouts and designs, with the material being suitable for virtually every type of farming fencing.

Difficult to Climb

The openings in chain link fences are available in various sizes and farmers generally benefit from smaller opening sizes. This is because animals like goats love to climb fences, so the smaller the opening the more difficult this is.

The same applies to keeping predators out, with it being difficult to climb for coyotes, foxes, and wild dogs trying to get to the animals. Chain link can be installed at various heights too, which can further help with this problem.

Strong and Stable

Fencing needs to be very strong to keep animals outside and inside of the boundaries, with chain link being as strong as it gets. High grade chain link with a thick diameter is very stable and won’t be easy to knock over, which is especially helpful when dealing with large and rowdy cattle like a bull.

Similarly, the fencing posts for chain link are made of strong metal materials, which further improves their overall strength and stability.

Safe for Animals

Unlike certain types of fencing, namely barbed wire and electric fences, chain link fences are completely safe for animals. They don’t have sharp points that can graze the skin of animals, while the chain link is very difficult to get tangled in, which is important for the safety of horses.

Low Maintenance

Farmers and ranchers have 101 responsibilities, so any fence that requires little maintenance is always going to be preferable. Chain link offers just that, being very low maintenance to the point where virally no repairs will be needed, especially in the first few years after installation.

Chain link fences are galvanized so don’t rust over time, while their strength and durability make them very difficult to damage, meaning less time needed to fix broken parts of the fence.

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