6 Ways to Make Sure You Are a Good Neighbor

how to be a good neighborHaving a conflict with one of your neighbors can drastically ruin home ownership. If you have ever ended up in a similar situation, then you know that it definitely makes life hard. Your home should be a place where you are able to relax; it should be your castle. You won’t be able to enjoy it if you are not able to relax. Being a good neighbor can certainly make life easier for you as it has many advantages as well.

Following are 6 ways to make sure you are a good neighbor:

1. Be nice but keep your distance

Being harassed by a nosy neighbor is a frustrating experience and no one likes it. You don’t have to intrude into your neighbor’s personal space every now and then; just a friendly hello and wave across the lawn will let your neighbor know that you care. While you might want to be best friends with your neighbor, he/she may not want the same thing. Notice their response to your hellos and decide whether or not to take things further.

2. Be respectful of their property

Be respectful of your neighbor’s property, particularly when it comes to pets. Not everyone adores cats or dogs. Therefore, if you have pets, it is recommended that you keep them off of your neighbor’s lawn. Keep your pet on your side and if it ever makes a mess on their property, be sure to clean it up quickly.

3. Keep your lawn nice

If you have the shabby lawn on the block, then there’s a high chance that your neighbors will dislike you. Keep in mind that if one house in the neighborhood has a poorly kept front lawn, it will reduce resale value of everybody’s house in the area. Therefore, it is recommended that you take steps to keep your lawn nice and in line with everybody else’s.

4. Respect your neighbors’ privacy

What happens in your neighbor’s home is their business; you should respect their privacy. If they are having a party, don’t invite yourself. Avoid asking overly personal questions when you are just their casual acquaintance. If you respect your neighbors’ privacy, they will surely respect yours.

5. Be sure to thank them if they do a favor for you

If you notice that your neighbor brought over mis-delivered mail, or removed a weed from your flower bed, be sure to thank them. These small positive interactions will lead to a friendly relationship and communication. And if your neighbor does something big for you, such as water your plants, or check your mail while you are away, thank him/her with a gift card to a coffee shop or something similar.

6. Look for opportunities to be helpful

If your neighbor has helped you in some way, be sure to look for an opportunity to return the favor. Feed their dog or bring in their paper from the sidewalk if they need someone to. As long as you help your neighbors without overstepping the lines of privacy, your relationship with your neighbors will be good.

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