chain link fence in front of your home increase your curb appealA chain link fence offers durable and versatile fencing for a very reasonable price. However, this type of fencing doesn’t always offer the greatest curb appeal, but there are many ways to reduce this problem by adding some personalized touches to the fence.

If you have a chain link fence in front of your home, increase the curb appeal with these 4 tips:

A New Coat of Paint

Adding a new color to the fencing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. Paint is typically available for a very low price and should add a nice freshness to the otherwise drab color of the fencing. Be sure to match it with the exterior of your home to really make it pop.

However, be aware that certain types of chain link fence may be more difficult to paint than others. For example, chain link with vinyl coating require special paints you won’t find in most hardware stores, so you will likely need a professional with the appropriate tools and materials for the job.

Garden Accessories

There are countless garden accessories that can be used to give a chain link fence more curb appeal, such as roll out fencing or a trellis. Roll out fencing is available in various wood finishes, with bamboo, willow, and reeds all offering a nice natural aesthetic that help to enhance the curb appeal.

These accessories are also so simple to install and doesn’t cost much- a win-win!

A trellis is another great garden accessory that is easy to install over a chain link fence, and you can even add nice plants and flowers that will crawl up the trellis for a beautiful natural fencing across the chain link.


Much like roll out fencing, inserts and slats are a cheap and easy way to dress up a chain link fence to improve curb appeal. Inserts are a great way to get more privacy as well, so they are well worth investing in.

Simply slip a wooden insert or slat behind the links of the fence to create a look not unlike wooden fencing. There are many woods and finishes to choose from, and they can even be painted to create a unique look.

Also, there are fake hedge inserts that offer a similar look. These are ideal for a more natural look without the hassle of buying and caring for plants, so are a very low-maintenance way to improve curb appeal.


Nothing quite improves curb appeal than a lovely landscape, so why not add some plants to your chain link fencing for a gorgeous finish that virtually hides the metal? There are many plants that do the trick, with flowering vines being a great choice as they naturally cover the fence and provide a nice touch of color.

Perennial vines are a good option for low-maintenance planting, lasting all year round, but they do take longer to cover the fence. Annuals offer quicker growth and coverage but need to be replaced.

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