Chain Link Fencing is Probably Not the Best Fencing Material for These 3 Types of FacilitiesChain link fencing is quite popular mainly because it is easy to find, functional, and inexpensive. However, just because it is easily available and cheap, doesn’t mean chain link is the best fencing material available on the market. There are many other options that are more suitable for certain facilities.

Chain link fencing is probably not the best fencing material for these 3 types of facilities:

Childcare and Daycare Facilities

Many childcare and daycare facilities have outdoor play areas that are enclosed by fences. For these enclosures to be “kid-proof” and safe, they should be the right type. The first rule when it comes to choosing a fence that is suitable for a childcare or daycare facility is that it must “child proof” the child play areas. What this means is that children cannot easily climb or fit through the fence in any way, cannot get their heads stuck, and the fencing must not have sharp edges or points that can cause injury.

To meet these needs, chain link fencing is not the best fencing material. That’s why most childcare and daycare facilities choose wood fencing with horizontal boards or close pickets.

Horse Pastures

A safe horse fence is the one that is free of hazards, durable, highly visible, and strong. Ideally, the fence should appear as a strong barrier so the horse will be less likely to run into it. If a horse does run into it, the fence should not cause any injury. Because of this reason, chain link fencing is not the best fencing material for horse pastures. Most horse pastures use wood fencing. Wood is the most popular choice among horse owners because it gives a classy, rural look, and blends in well with the environment. Generally constructed of three or four evenly spaced wood planks, wood fencing is highly visible, attractive, and safe—provided it is professionally installed and maintained.

Apart from wood, vinyl fencing is also a good option for horse pastures as it looks like wood but is less expensive to maintain.

Storage and Warehousing Facilities

A strong fence is an extremely important security feature every storage and warehousing facility should have. The fence should surround the entire perimeter and should be durable and difficult to climb. When it comes to keeping criminals away from the valuables in the storage facility, a chain link fence is not the best fencing option. When it comes to building security fencing, there are several other materials to choose from, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Steel fencing is the most popular choice among storage and warehousing facilities because of its strength, durability, cost, and aesthetic appeal. Steel fencing is the most secure option available on the market. Installing a steel fence around your storage facility will send a message to your customers that securing their valuables is important to you. Thanks to their durability, versatility, strength, and construction options, steel fences get the job done when it comes to security.

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