chain link fencing is the best all weather fencing materialChain link fencing gets a reputation for being unattractive, but what it lacks in appearance it more than makes up for in durability. Because it’s made from tight chain links, it’s easily the best all-weather fencing material, capable of withstanding almost anything nature can throw at it.

So, while it many not look the best, it certainly has the strength and durability to outlast almost every other type of fencing. Low-cost and low-maintenance, you can expect your chain link fence to last many years without worrying about the impact the weather has on it!

Read on to find out why chain link fencing is the best all-weather fencing material available today!


While excessive winds aren’t the most common type of extreme weather, when they do eventually appear they can leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Fences often face the brunt of this, with high impact winds causing most types of fences to break and crack, while entire panels can often be blown from their fixtures.

Chain link has no such problem. The design ensures that wind passes through the gaps in the chain without any lasting damage, so you never need to worry about wind flow causing damage to a chain link fence.

Suitable in Hot Weather

Many regions in the country face long bouts of hot weather, and while this is great for people living there it’s not always good news for fencing. Not everyone realizes that constant high temperatures cause lots of damage to various types of fencing, especially wood, as it causes the materials to continually expand and detract.

In the case of wood fencing, hot weather causes warping and cracking, which in turn creates space for moisture to develop, creating even more damage over the long-term.

Chain link is perfect for hot climates as the metal has no chance of contracting and expanding over time, so there will be not long-term damage from high temperatures.

Withstands Winter Weather

Chain link fencing is also very durable during the winter months. The lower temperatures often damage wooden fences as the moisture inside is repeatedly frozen and unfrozen, causing contraction and expansion that warps and splits the wood.
Snow and ice can therefore cause a fair amount of damage to most types of fencing – except for chain link. Metal is highly durable and resistant to frost, snow, and even rainfall, which is why chain link fencing performs so well during the winter.

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