Chain Link Is Known For Having These 4 Advantages Over Other Fencing Materials

Chain Link Is Known For Having These 4 Advantages Over Other Fencing MaterialsAnyone looking to install fencing certainly won’t lack options. There are several materials suitable for fences, with different looks and functions offered by each. It makes choosing the ideal fencing material that much easier, as there is a great range of materials suitable for the job, so you can find the right fence material for your needs.

If there’s one fence material that has many advantages over the other materials, it’s chain link. This tried and trusted fencing material has remained a staple in the industry for decades, and for good reason!

Why? Because chain link is known for having these 4 advantages over other fencing materials:

1. Price

One of the most impressive advantages chain link has over other materials is the price. Compared to other metals such as aluminium or common fencing wood, chain link costs a fraction of the price, allowing you to get even more value for money.

With averages prices for chain link being around $5 to $15 per foot, chain link remains one of the cheapest fencing materials on the market – perfect for anyone on a tight budget! This also makes repairing the fence cheap as well, keeping costs down over the long-term.

2. Durability

While other metal fencing materials are quite durable, chain link remains one of the most durable materials available, which is made even better when you consider the lower price compared to other metal fencing.

When it comes to wooden fencing, chain link is far more durable. For instance, chain link doesn’t rot, warp, or crack over time unlike most woods, while it’s generally much more difficult to break. Plus, with most chain link being galvanized, it’s not even going to rust and weaken over time, further improving durability.

3. Ease of Installation

Chain link is possibly the easiest type of fencing to install, which means you can either do it yourself to save money or expect a quick turnaround if professionally installed. Anyone that wants quick fencing installation needn’t look further than chain link, which takes a fraction of the time to install compared to almost any other fencing materials.

4. Maintenance

Once chain link fencing is installed, there’s almost no maintenance required. Good chain link doesn’t rust over time, so you won’t need to remove anything from it, while it doesn’t need to be painted or varnished like most woods.

Furthermore, it’s possibly the easiest to repair should there be a break in the link. For instance, if there is a break in the link, you simply need to enlarge the hole and then cover it up with replacement chain link – it’s one of the quickest, easiest, and affordable fences to maintain and repair.

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