Coated or Non-Coated When Installing a Chain Link Fence When installing a chain link fence, you have the choice of coated or non-coated. A coated chain link fence is when the fence material is galvanized with a special coating and then covered with vinyl for added durability. Non-coated chain link fences don’t feature this vinyl coating. Each type of fence has their pros and cons so it is important to consider a few things before installing the chain link fence!

The climate you live in will impact the lifespan of your chain link fence, so consider this before choosing between coated and non-coated products.

For instance, if you live in coastal areas then the fence is more susceptible to rusting due to the higher salt concentration in the air. Similarly, wet and humid climates may increase the rate of rusting, reducing the lifespan of the fence.
Coated chain link fences have an extra layer of durability due to the plastic coating, making them more durable than non-coated fences. The climate may not even matter, as anyone wanting a more durable option should always choose a coated fence.

Chain link fences are rarely considered for their attractiveness but there are ways to make them look better. If you aren’t a fan of the basic style of chain link fences then a coated option may be more appealing, as the coating typically improves the aesthetic of the fence.

This is because the plastic coating is available in various colors that can add more style to the fence’s appearance. For instance, green coated chain link fences are popular as they blend in more with nature and have a less industrial appearance.

Size and Budget
As you might expect, non-coated chain link fences are cheaper than coated chain link fences. This is because the process requires less materials helping to keep the overall cost of the fence down. If you want a budget-friendly chain link fence then a non-coated fence is certainly the better choice.

The size of the fence will influence how much it costs, so determine how much fencing you need as this will give a good idea of the overall cost. Coated fences can be a lot more expensive, especially for a large area of fencing, so establish how large an area you are working with to help get a rough idea of the cost.

Chain link fences are highly regarded for their low-maintenance. However, going for a non-coated chain link fence means you’ll probably have more maintaining to do down the line as they are not as durable as their coated counterparts.

For instance, a coated chain link fences comes with an average lifespan of 10-15 years, while non-coated chain link fences may start to rust a few years earlier. It’s not going to be much of a difference but you may find that repairs and maintenance are needed sooner on non-coated fences.

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