Common Types of Sports Park FencingSports park fencing is very important. It helps to divide the various areas of a sports park into clear spaces, such as the bleachers, dugouts, and playing fields, helping to protect spectators from any accidents while providing a clear view for action on the field.

They also provide a wider form of security by providing a secure perimeter that keeps out unwanted visitors – including people and animals – when the park isn’t in use. When installing a new sports park fence there are several options available, with different types of fencing being suitable for different types of sports parks.

Here are 3 common types of sports park fencing:

Chain Link
Chain link fencing is unquestionably the most widely used type of fencing for a sports park. Cost-effective and highly versatile, chain link fencing is available in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes to accommodate all types of sports parks, from local little leagues to large sporting complexes.

One reason it’s so popular is durability. Chain link fences are very durable against the elements while also being great for protecting spectators, offering a solid barrier that won’t let any stray balls or equipment strike the crowd.

The fencing should also last many years without becoming damaged, while repairs are quick and easy and cost very little.
Chain link fencing is also incredibly versatile. It’s available in a range of size options to suit parks small and large, while it can be installed at various heights to provide protection and security.

There are various style options and finishes available too. For instance, vinyl-coated chain link offers a more attractive aesthetic than traditional galvanized chain link, being available in a variety of colors.

Welded Wire
Welded wire fences are becoming an increasingly popular option for sports field fencing. Commonly used for agriculture, this type of fencing features sections of horizontal and vertical welded wire to provide a robust and durable perimeter around sports grounds.
Typically viewed as a more aesthetically appealing option than chain link fencing, welded wire is also a great crowd barrier and security system, with their high heights making them difficult to climb. However, due to the materials used and more challenging installation process, welded wire fences are more expensive than chain link.

Powdered coatings are also available with welded wire fences, allowing different colors to be added for a more personalized fence, such as featuring the same colors as the sports team playing in the ground.

PVC fences are a popular choice for sports grounds that require more affordable and portable sports fencing. They offer a quick and easy way to create temporary separations around fields, making them especially popular for schools and athletic leagues using multi-purpose fields.

Despite not being as strong or durable as their metal counterparts, PVC fencing is strong and flexible enough to withstand high impacts while remaining very lightweight. This makes them easy to setup in various places and a great choice for temporary fencing, such as when different sports are taking place on the one.

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