Facilities That Often Benefit From Chain Link FencesChain link fences offer many benefits for larger commercial properties that require fencing perimeters around their facilities.Strong and durable, chain link fencing offers a robust security fence that deters intruders and makes life difficult for anyone looking to trespass the facility. Chain link fences are also cost-effective solutions, with installation and maintenance costing a fraction of the money of other fencing options.

Here are 5 types of facilities that often benefit from using chain link fences:

Sports Facilities
Anyone that’s been to a sports park has likely come across chain link fencing at some point. Whether used to separate the field from the bleachers or surround the parking lot, training complex, or even stadium, there are chain link fences around most large sporting facilities around the country.

One of the main reasons chain link is popular for sports fields and similar facilities is that the chain link creates a strong boundary without completely blocking the view.

Manufacturing Facilities
Large manufacturing facilities often feature huge chain link fences around the entire premises, mainly to deter unwanted intruders that may want to break into the facility, especially when valuable products or materials are stored inside.

Furthermore, manufacturing facilities present an array of health and safety risks that mean unauthorized personnel must be denied access. There are few things more effective than keeping people out of a facility than a massive chain link fence, especially with the added feature of barbed wire.

High-Security Facilities
There are many large high-security facilities that require the strongest and most secure fencing solutions available. Chain link ticks all these boxes, being amongst the strongest and most durable types of fences – exactly what you need when looking to guard a massive high-security facility.

Facilities can range from prisons to government buildings, with almost any high-security facility benefiting from chain link fencing for its security perimeter. It’s a versatile form of fencing that can be made as large and high as needed, helping to provide a more secure boundary for large facilities that want to strongly restrict access.

Large school facilities tend to utilize chain link fences to restrict access to the property into a few points, typically the main entrance of the school. This allows schools to monitor access of everyone on site and to help deter unwanted intruders, which is especially important for protecting the well-being of students and staff.

Also, schools tend to have sports fields and facilities that also use chain link fence, so it’s not uncommon to see a lot of fencing throughout the entire facility.

Car Dealerships
Car dealerships have a unique challenge of safely storing vehicles while providing easy access to anyone that considering buying a vehicle. With most car dealership using open plots of land to store their vehicles, a strong chain link fence is often used to help create a boundary that protects the cars from possible theft.

They also get the benefit of vehicles remaining highly visible while remaining secure, allowing them to better advertise their vehicles to any passers-by.

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