How to Avoid the 3 Things That Can Damage Your Chain Link Fence

How-To-Avoid-The-3-Things-That-Can-Damage-Your-Chain-Link-FenceChain link fencing is highly functional, low maintenance, and low cost. It is a multi-purpose option that can be used on residential as well as commercial properties. The ease of installation and low cost makes it an immediate fencing solution in almost any setting. That’s why it is commonly seen in pool areas, farms, industrial areas, warehouses, parks, tennis courts, parking lots, etc.

There are certain things that can damage the chain link fence quickly. So, it’s very important that you know what your fence’s enemies are and how you can properly protect it from them. Following are 3 things that can damage your chain link fence:

1. Animals

Whether you or one of your neighbors has a large animal, for example a horse or an aggressive dog, chances are that it will slowly damage your fence. Dogs can leap over a barrier and sometimes they like digging under fences. You can use your landscaping to your advantage in order to keep such animals out. Get some footer fence wire to prevent diggers from damaging your fence as this type of fencing lays on the ground and makes it impossible for a dog to dig under it. Furthermore, you can use privacy fence to prevent a deer or other animals jumping into your yard.

2. Vines

Vines, bushes, and trees in your yard are one of the biggest threats to a chain link fence. The branches from trees and bushes in your yard grow into your fence, push against it, or become entwined, and ultimately make it unsteady.

You can protect your fence by trimming back all of the growth on trees and plants near it. To get rid of the vines that are damaging your chain link fence, use herbicides (if you can) to kill the plants, or manually tear them off. In this way, when their growth starts, your trees and bushes will not push further into your chain link fence; instead, they will be directed in a more positive growth direction.

3. Human Threat

There’s no doubt that the biggest threats to any type of fence are those posed by humans instead of nature. You and your family also have the potential to unintentionally damage your fence. Therefore, you should be careful when playing sports in your backyard. If there is a family living next door, and their children often play football, then there is a severe risk that your fence could take a beating should a heavy-footed kick go awry. You can talk to your neighbors to teach their children that the fence is not their playground, and they should not treat it as such.

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