How to Repair A Section of Chain Link FenceThere are many ways that the chain link fence around your property could be damaged. However, most of the times it is a post or the top rail that needs to be repaired/replaced, not the chain link material itself. When a section of your chain link fence gets damaged, you can either repair it yourself or hire a fencing contractor to make the repairs. Repairing the fence is quite easy and won’t take a lot of your time if you gather tools and parts before you start working on it.

Tools and Materials

Here are some tools and materials you need to gather:

• Wire ties
• Top rail for the fence
• Hacksaw or Reciprocating saw (must have metal-cutting blade)
• Pliers

Before starting this DIY project, it is recommended that you equip yourself with the proper safety gear.

1. Assessing the Damage
The first thing you need to do is check your chain link fence for damage and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. If there is a damage to the post, you can replace it without replacing the entire fence. On the other hand, if the top rail is damaged, then it is also repairable with a new section of the top rail and a little effort.

2. Remove Wire Ties
Once you have assessed the damage and determined what needs to be done, you can begin by untwisting and removing the wire connecting the chain link fence to the top rail.

3. Cut Out the Damaged Section
After removing the wire ties, cut and then remove the damaged piece of fence rail. For this, either use a reciprocating saw or hacksaw. It is recommended that you make sure that any corner posts on the damaged piece are saved.

4. Mark New Rail
Usually, every rail section of chain link fence is tapered on one end so that it fits into adjoining sections. Have someone else hold the tapered end of the new rail and remove one side of the existing rail. Make sure to hold the end that overlaps the section where the rail will be secured. Now mark the new rail at the other end and use reciprocating saw or hacksaw to cut it.

5. Insert New Rail
Use any corner post and fit the open end of the new rail over adjoining rail. Make sure to fit it over the tapered end. On the other end of the rail, insert the tapered end of the new rail into existing rail. You may also need to reconnect the corner posts.

6. Reconnect Chain Link
Use a wire tie about every 24-inches to reattach the chain link fence to the top bar. Reuse the existing wire ties if they are in good condition. The repair will be completed once you reconnect the fence.

Hiring A Fence Company to Make the Repairs
If you choose to have a chain link fence company come out and make the repairs, they will need to inspect the damage. Once they do that, they will give you a cost estimate for the work. The cost to have your chain link fence repaired depends on the amount of materials needed as well as the labor that will be required to repair the fence correctly and quickly.

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