Popular Styles of Chain Link Fencing Chain link fences are one of the most robust yet affordable types of fencing available for your home. For a modest investment you can enjoy a strong security perimeter around your property and rarely need to worry about doing any fence maintenance, which isn’t the case with other types of fence materials.

Yet chain link fences often get a bad reputation for their appearance. While this may be true to a certain extent, there are many styles of chain link fence available, allowing property owners to choose the best-looking style for their needs. In fact, there are a few styles of chain link fence that are the most popular, so check them out below:

1. Galvanized
Perhaps the most popular style of chain link fence sold is galvanized fencing. This is because chain link fences are entirely made from metal, making them susceptible to rusting over time. So, with galvanized fencing this issue is completely solved, making the fences more durable and typically much more attractive too. Zinc is often the most-used material for galvanizing a chain link fence, but there are others available.

2. PVC and Polymer Coatings
While galvanized zinc is a cheap and effective way to protect chain link fencing, PVC and polymer coatings are gaining in popularity. They offer a much more aesthetically pleasing coating that make them better suited for residential fences, although it does cost more than standard galvanized steel.

Polymer is a powdered coating while PVC is a vinyl coating, with both of these options providing rubberized coating across the metal to give it a nice look and touch, while also protecting from rust and weather damage.

3. Color Coatings
PVC coatings are also available in various colors, which have grown in popularity in recent years, allowing the fence to take on a much more attractive appearance. For instance, a green PVC coating is very popular in gardens as it provides a less artificial appearance and helps it blend with other features in the garden.

Organic color coatings such as brown and green are a very popular style. They blend in with natural environments much better than plain metal colors, while black is another popular color known for its clean appearance.

4. Slatted Chain Link Fences
Due to the size of the holes in chain links privacy isn’t always a guarantee. Slatted chain link fences are a popular solution to this issue, being an increasingly popular style of chain link. These fences simply involve adding slat inserts into the link material, offering additional coverage and privacy for homeowners.

They also offer a much more visually appealing style for many people. These slats are made from robust materials like PVC that come in various colors and finishes, making them one of the more versatile style options available.

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