Sporting Fields Most Commonly Use Chain Link FencingYou don’t need to travel far to see a sports field that uses chain link fencing. From school fields to professional training grounds, the use of chain link fencing is common in countless sporting fields, mainly because it offers so many advantages!

Cheap and durable, chain link fencing is a cost-effective option that makes it easy for spectators to enjoy the game while also helping keep the ball from straying too far. This ensures the upmost security and convenience for both fans and athletes alike, which is why chain link fencing remains so prevalent at sporting fields around the country.

Check out the 5 types of sporting fields that most use chain link fencing:

With balls flying at high speeds and the occasional stray bat to worry about, it’s no surprise that baseball fields commonly use chain link fencing! The fencing is especially prominent in little league and school fields where that added protection is required for spectators.

Because of how fast and high baseballs travel, the fencing is often much taller than other sports fields. You’ll also find chain link fencing is commonplace at every batting cage.

While soccer balls don’t travel at the same speeds as a baseball, the lightweight balls are known to travel far and wide, particularly when mishit. Soccer is usually a free-flowing game played at a high tempo, so chain link fencing is also necessary for keeping the ball nearby to the field to avoid disrupting the flow of the game.

Field Hockey and Lacrosse
Practicing field hockey and lacrosse is often difficult when there is no fencing boundary to help contain balls, so chain link fencing is commonly found at most field hockey and lacrosse fields. The sports involve much smaller balls flying around at very high speeds, so the need to protect spectators is a must.

Also, those small balls can be a nightmare to find again if they fly out of bounds, so keeping them all on the field with chain link fencing saves a lot of time and effort.

Chain link fencing is a great option for tennis courts as they help to divide each court, avoiding balls flying into other games that are taking place. Tennis balls move at surprisingly high speeds too, so the last thing you want is for a mishit ball to fly across into another the court and strike another player!

Football fields typically rely on quality chain link fencing to help keep balls from flying out of bounds and interrupting the flow of the game. Its useful in both games and training, keeping things within proximity of the field, which is especially useful for field goal attempts!

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