The 4 Advantages of Having a Custom Dog Kennel Built Instead of Buying a Pre-Made Kennel

custom chain link dog kennelDog owners know how costly keeping man’s best friend comfortable can be. By the time you figure in the cost of hiring a good vet, food, and all of their heart worm pills and shots, it can seem quite overwhelming. However, there is one place where you can save money by making the right decision, i.e. the dog kennel. You can either buy a pre-made kennel or get a custom one built. Building a custom kennel for your four-legged friend has many advantages.

Following are 4 advantages of having a custom dog kennel built instead of buying a pre-made kennel:

1. It’s Cost Effective

There are many places that carry pre-made dog kennels. These include both online and offline shops. While the pricing differs depending on the kennel, you can save as much as 50% of the cost if you have a custom dog kennel built. Most dog owners nowadays allow their pets to live inside the house most of the time, but your dog will be a lot happier if you provide him with a kennel that will allow him to spend some time in his natural environment, outside of your house.

2. Personal Satisfaction

It’s true that visiting a local store or browsing the internet and then buying a kennel is a lot faster and more convenient, but you may find that you will take greater pleasure and have more fun if you build your own custom dog kennel or get it built according to your desires. So, not only will it save you a lot of money, having a custom dog kennel built will provide you with a personal satisfaction that you cannot get from buying a pre-made kennel.

3. More Customization Options

Of course, you will need to buy or pay for the materials when having a custom dog kennel built, the overall costs will be less than you would pay for a pre-made kennel. Apart from this, since it is a custom kennel, you will have the opportunity to customize it according to your personal tastes. From the design to the finishing color, you will have several options that you don’t usually have when buying a pre-made kennel.

4. It Doesn’t Require Much Skill

If you want to build the custom kennel by yourself, then you will be glad to know that it doesn’t require any special skill. The only skills you really need include some basic carpentry skills and the desire to give your dog a place where he can get out of the cold winter rains and the hot summer sun. Furthermore, you can get expert and detailed step by step instructions on how to build a custom dog kennel on the internet very easily. And if you are not confident that you can build it by yourself, then you always have the option to have it built professionally. The cost of having it built professionally is worth every single penny.

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