The Most Common Repairs Needed on a Chain Link Fence

the-most-common-repairs-needed-on-a-chain-link-fenceEven as one of the toughest types of fences available, there will be a time when your chain link fence needs to be repaired. However, even damaged chain link fences can be repaired with relative ease, highlighting why it remains such a popular choice for fencing.

With a few common household tools and some basic materials, you can expect to complete repairs to your chain link fence with relative ease. Even though there is a range of common repairs done to chain link fences, most of them can get sorted in no time!

1. Posts and Rails

The reason that post and rails are among the most common repairs for chain link fences is because they are a notable weak point. This is usually dependent on the materials used for the posts, as wooden posts are more susceptible to rotting, although metal posts can be damaged quite easily too.

This is rather easy to address mind you, as posts tend to come out from the ground without much struggle, so replacing them shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Snapped Links

As the main component of a chain link fence, it’s not too surprising to see that links are one of the most common types of repairs. Broken links are usually present near the top of the fence or near the poles, although they can occur elsewhere.

For the most part, a simple link repair kit should give you everything you need to fix the hole. However, it’s important to get the right type of materials, as chain link fences come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, so will need repaired accordingly.

3. Holes in Links

Another common form of repair, chain link fences are susceptible for developing holes, although there is a very easy way to address this issue. All you need to do is cut out a small replacement section from any type of wire mesh or similar links, in which case you just need to patch it over the hole.

4. Sagging

When there is a loose post in a chain link fence, there is a good chance that it will begin to sag. This is a lot more visible than most other types of damage, so people tend to want to address it as soon as possible, which is a great idea as the issue can worsen if left unrepaired.

The solution to a sagging chain link fence can be rather easy. Simply remove any loose posts and establish a strong foundation using concrete. It only takes a spot of digging around the post and some concrete pouring to make it sturdier, while using struts to secure the post is also a great idea.

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