These 7 Chain Link Fence Parts Are the Most Common When Doing Your Own Fence Repairs

these-7-chain-link-fence-parts-are-the-most-common-when-doing-your-own-fence-repairsThere could be a number of reasons why you would need to conduct repairs to your chain link fence from time to time. Some of these reasons include damage due to storm, cut by trespassers, snowplow hitting the fence and making the fence mesh stretched or popped out, etc. No matter what the cause is, you can easily repair your chain link fence if you have the necessary tools and fence parts. Once you have everything you need, you will be able to simply cut out the bad section of the fence and slide in a new piece.

Following are 7 chain link fence parts that are the most common when doing your own fence repairs:

1. Fence Mesh

Fence mesh is the primary part of your chain link fence that may need repairs more often as compared to other parts. This is because it is the actual fencing for your chain link fence and is more vulnerable to damage. Fence mesh is usually sold in rolls. You can easily get it from a chain link fence company that sells fencing parts and supplies.

2. Tie Wires

You will need tie wires to secure the wire mesh of your chain link fence to the line posts. These wires keep the fence mesh from pulling away from line posts and can easily get damaged during a storm or other such events.

3. Line Posts

Line posts are usually inserted into the ground at about 5 to 6 feet distance between terminal posts. These are relatively thin as compared to terminal posts and are also a few inches shorter. You can set them in concrete for better stability.

4. Terminal Posts

Also called corner posts, terminal posts are usually made of steel and are installed at the corners of a chain link fence. Sometimes due to an accident, these posts get damaged and cannot be repaired. So, you will have to replace them with new ones. Fortunately, they are easily available on the market so finding them won’t be a problem.

5. Top Rail

The railing along the top of the wire mesh in a chain link fence is called the top rail. Repairing the top rail usually requires more than one person. If it is beyond repair, you can always get a replacement from a chain link fence supply store.

6. Tension Bars

Tension bars are usually attached to the corner posts of the chain link fence. These flat pieces of galvanized steel are attached with tension bands and run parallel to the terminal posts. You may also need these fence parts if you are repairing fence mesh.

7. Tension Bands

When repairing terminal posts, you will need tension bands to connect them with tension bars. These fence parts are less likely to get damaged, but it is a good idea to attach new ones when you are replacing corner posts of your fence. You can tighten them up to increase the tension of the wire mesh for better stability.

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